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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Frontity. For technical issues, please visit

What is Frontity exactly?
Frontity is a plugin that turns any publisher's site into a Progressive Web App (PWA). Our PWAs use the mobile web to deliver user experiences that are fast and highly engaging. They support Google AMP, can be accessed instantly from any device, and are frictionless to use.

We aim to help WordPress publishers boost their traffic and maximize their ad revenue by making use of the latest mobile technologies. You can learn more about our mission and business model here.
Does Frontity support all kinds of WordPress sites?
Frontity supports blog posts and pages. For example, any news site or blog such as As you can see, it has categories, authors, galleries, menus, featured images, and tags.

Please note that Frontity does not support business/corporate websites, eCommerce, and neither custom templates.
Is Frontity suitable for my blog or news site?
We are currently working with medium-sized and large WordPress publishers whose sites have more than one million pageviews per month.

However, if your site has less traffic and you are interested in our technology, please let us know. We plan to be a solution for all kind of blogs in the near future.
What about the pricing?
Frontity is free. There are no installation costs nor monthly fees.

Our monetization comes from one ad placement that publishers allow us to use on their website. We will just maintain control of this single space and get the income generated through it.
How do I set up Frontity?
Frontity is a WordPress plugin which can be installed and configured with just a few clicks. You can follow our installation guide and always count on our support.
Is there a long-term contract or a commitment to sign up for a fixed period?
No, there’s no long term contract nor commitment to stay with Frontity. If you’re not happy with our solution, you can cancel anytime. It is as simple as deactivating our plugin.
What’s the difference between Frontity and a responsive WordPress theme?
A responsive WordPress theme does not mean a better website performance. Although it is necessary to incorporate elements of responsiveness into your web design, they have no impact on speed.

The mission of Frontity is to get your site on screen as fast as possible. Ensuring a speedy mobile website will help boost your traffic and make your visitors have a painless, better experience across all devices.
Why mobile speed is important?
According to Google, 53% of visitors leave a mobile site after 3 seconds if the content doesn’t load quickly. No one likes to stare at an empty screen waiting for pages to load.

These users who are frustrated by a slow-loading site are more likely to bounce: visit your site once, leave and never return.

If you don’t want to lose more traffic, you need to prioritize your mobile performance. Speed is key to keep users engaged, which results in greater pageviews and ad revenue, among many other benefits.
Does Frontity affect search rankings?
It may affect positively.

Google takes note of the speed of your website in their search ranking algorithms. In addition, they recently announced that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches too.

Our solution makes your site load in 0.5 seconds on average and scores 99/100 in mobile performance on Google PageSpeed Insights. So yes, this can have a positive impact on SEO.
Is Frontity compatible with Yoast SEO plugin?
Yes, it is. Actually, our Progressive Web Apps are already integrated with Yoast SEO and other similar plugins. There's no need for you to install any additional plugins.
Does Frontity replace or change my current theme?
Yes, it does. Frontity doesn’t use PHP to render HTML anymore. It uses a new system made with React and Node, carefully designed with performance in mind. We have made a lot of improvements which are (sadly) not possible in PHP.

This means that we are not able to re-use your responsive theme. But it opens a new world of possibilities to build the best UX/UIs for the vibrant WordPress ecosystem.

Our system uses the new WP-API to fetch the content (and just the content).
Can I customize Frontity’s theme?
Of course! You can change colors, fonts, logos, link styles, size of featured images, etc. In the near future, you will be able to create your own themes too.
Are there any available extensions?
Yes, Frontity supports the following extensions right now:

- Disqus Comments
- OneSignal push notifications
- AdSense
- Yoast SEO
- Google Analytics
- Google Tag Manager
- Google Publisher Tags (DFP)
- Smart AdServer

Don’t be shy, if you need a custom extension let us know and we’ll assess your proposal. In addition, you will be able to create your own extensions in the near future.

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