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Frontity helps WordPress blogs & news sites boost their traffic on mobile and maximize their revenue.

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Suitable for blogs

How Frontity works

Frontity uses a WordPress plugin to replace your classic mobile version with a Progressive Web App (PWA) theme. Fast and highly engaging, this theme delivers an app-like experience on the mobile web.

Same URL

Frontity uses the same URL as your regular theme. When a visit comes from mobile, it loads the PWA theme.

Keep your desktop theme

Frontity is a PWA theme for mobile visitors, which means that your desktop theme and content don't change.

Control what you display

You can control your menu, pages, and even exclude specific URLs from being loaded into the PWA theme.

Better performance, more publisher revenue

With an app-like design that is easy and instant to navigate, Frontity offers the best user experience for your mobile users, which results in more traffic, engagement and revenue.

More page views per visit

Longer average sessions

Lower bounce rates

Higher ad viewability

53% of mobile visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. Stop losing traffic.
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Frontity features you will love

Optimized for mobile speed

Since July 2018, page speed is a determining SEO ranking factor for mobile searches.

Frontity is optimized to make your site load in less than one second and ensure your blog always achieves a high performance, which matters so much to your SEO efforts.

Google AMP support

Frontity combines the power of PWA technologies with Google AMP, an initiative spearheaded by Google to improve performance of the mobile web.

You can enable this feature on your theme without any extra configuration and enjoy both PWA and AMP benefits.

Quick and easy set-up

Get started simply by installing our plugin and choosing your customizations, we will take care of the rest of the configuration process.

Push notifications

Keep readers engaged and notified of new posts with instant web notifications that pop up on their mobile device.

Smooth navigation

Infinite and horizontal scrolling allow your users to instantly navigate between posts, improving their reading experience.


Frontity can be integrated with the tools you already use: Analytics, AdSense, GTM, Disqus, Yoast, and many more.

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The Frontity Advantage

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We 💙 WordPress

The principles that drive WordPress also power Frontity, we believe it is made better by the community working together and sharing knowledge.

Open Source

Open source is an important aspect of our mission and one of the core values of Frontity. We strongly support a free, open internet.

The latest PWA technologies

We use the latest JavaScript Frameworks such as ReactJS to deliver the best progressive web apps experiences.

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